Steward - Deck/Steward - 40m Charter MY - Med - 33916

Category : Steward/ess
Id : 33916
Date Created : 3/16/2017 1:43:47 AM
Job Type : Temporary
Region :

Job ID: 33916
Yacht: 40 mt charter MY

Location: Italy

Start date: beg April - end Sept - Seasonal position
Itinerary: Mediterranean

Requirements: Valid STCW95 and ENG1
We are looking for a Steward, with at least 1 charter season experience. Good service, cleaning and organizing skills are needed. Better if English mother tongue. Well presented. Demanding Owners. Mostly Steward duties, but handson to help deck department when needed.
Other: Mostly daily cruising
Job Specifics: Male only due to cabin arrangements
Salary range: € 2000/2500

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