ITA-ENG Specialty Instructor looking for a job, hard worker


My name is Daniele Zanette, I'm 28y, from Italy.

 I'm currently seeking a full time employment as instructor, available from the end of the month- March 2017.

 I would like to obtain a position that will enable me to use my interpersonal skills, educational background and ability to work well with people.

 I am energetic, flexible and open minded, have a positive and relaxed can-do attitude.

 I hope not only to gain experience but also to establish long life relationships with those who share my passion for diving and underwater life.

 I'm sure I can make a difference as employee, I'm highly motivated to do my best and willing to go an extra mile for guests.


OWSI-EFR Instructor

Specialties; EANx, O2 prov, Dry suit, Wreck, Deep

Dives 1000+    (Thailand, Italy, California, Malaysia, Maldives, Hong Kong)

Certifications 50+

DAN insurance

Driving and boat license

I can teach fluently both in english and italian.


For more info/CV email :  

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Have a great day!



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