Freediving/ Spearfishing Instuctor

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am looking for a freediving or spearfishing instructor position on aquastaff.

I have been recently gratuated at freedive HQ philippines with an advanced freediving instructor degree and i am able to teach the 2 first freediving level (Beginner and advanced). I am able to use English that i speak fluently (score of 6/9 IELTS) and French which is my native language.

My interest for underwater sport started in my childhood and is ongoing. I practised for 7 years swimming during which i won regional titles and improved constantly my swimming technic. i practice spearfishing since 17 years old mainly in mediterraneane, carribean sea and pacific ocean where i developed my knowledge about underwater life.

I worked for sea urchin in New Zealand has a freediver to pick urchin and followed in the same time a spearfishing course with the national team of new zealand to improve safety and technic. I took an open water course with SSI in India where i learnt the basics of scuba diving.

I followed a zero to hero course during 3 month at freedive HQ Philippines with the world class instructor Thibault Guignès after what i have been graduated top of my class with the WSF RAID advanced freediving instructor degree.

I first trained has a food technologist and i worked has a cheesmaker for 12 years. During my different experiences i have been able to manage a cheese making production, to lead quality and safety projects and to manage teams.

As a freediving instructor i would like to have a role in the promotion of this fast growing sport, to improve my lifestyle, and to share my passion and my experience of the blue in a safe way.

Please find my résumé enclosed.


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