Instructor couple (Dutch and American) seek Employment

To whom may concern,

We are Ivo Leijen (OWSI) and Zara Bryant (MSDT), a happily long term couple looking for a position together at a dive center or resort. We are currently living in the South Australia, on a working holiday visa, and will be available to relocate. We have 900-1200 dives each and have worked in the diving industry for 3 1/2 years now.
We can teach a broad range of 10+ Specialties:
Deep, Enriched air, Fish ID, Full-face mask, Oxygen Provider, Peak Performance, Shore Distinctive, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigator, Wreck, and Project Aware ( AWARE, Coral Reef, and Shark Conservation) – Active Emergency First Responder ( AED / Child Care)

We have worked together at a large and small dive companies. We have a very professional work ethic and experience catering to the needs of clientele from all over the world. Knowing we work well together having worked in a large diving industry company we have gained top quality hospitality and customer service skills, and have taught bubble makers up to dive master trainees. Currently, Ivo is the main Instructor of a dive center running multiple courses a week, having 5 students each course; while Zara is working as the Shop Coordinator of the dive center. Her daily duties require scheduling courses, guided dive, tank filling, and inventory of an online store and in store stock.

I, Zara, am a 28 year old American from New Jersey. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science, and have 4 years working in the marine conservation field. In 2016, I was the lead instructor and marine biologist assistant for a marine conservation program based on Andros Island, Bahamas. I have worked in The Bahamas, Fiji, and Mozambique conducting marine conservation surveys (Fish, Coral, and Benthic) I have been diving for 12 years with all different types of environments from currents, negative entries and terrible visibility. On top of the marine biology background, I have my boat license with outboard engines for 3 years now, willing to learn more about boats as well. My favorite specialty to teach is Fish ID because it fun for everyone and is exciting to see there smiling faces after they learn about different types of fish species.

Ivo, is 30 years old from the Netherlands. Speaks/ teaches in Dutch and English. Ivo has been a full qualified electrician since the age of 20. He started scuba diving in 2007 in The Netherlands. His first star (CMAS) similar to PADI open water diver, his first dive was in 5 degrees of water! After his second star (CMAS) in 2010 he hasn’t stopped diving since and continued to OWSI in 2015. Ivo has always had a passion for fish and the underwater life for as long as he could remember and always had a fish tank in his bedroom. Ivo is very hands on and willing to work around the shop fixing things on a slow day to always make improvements. Ivo’s favorite specialty to teach is between Deep and Wreck, he loves exploring the deep historical wrecks in ocean.

Cressi Repairs Technician
Scuba Pro technician Level 1 and 2

Zara: Manager experience (6months)

We also have all of our own dive gear and willing to learn new things. We are both well-travelled and are willing to bring our passion about the ocean and marine conservation to your team! We are a hard working couple and enjoy teaching people how to dive from their first breathe underwater to saving lives during rescue courses. I am very keen to involve my marine biology background to your dive center or resort to get costumers involved in learning more about the ocean environment.

Please email us for our resumes, references, or to ask us any further questions:
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Kind Regards,
Ivo Leijen and Zara Bryant
(PADI #369927, #350153)

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