Spanish DM looking for a position in New Zealand

Hello everyone,

I am Joan and I am 26. I am looking for a position as a DM anywhere in Nez Zealand starting from 1st April. I have different certificates related to the sea as a:


- First aid & O2 administrator

- Underwater and hyperbaric medicine (20hours)

- Spanish boat license

- Commercial diver mid depth

- Mares technician regulators

- Marine engineer

- Familiarization & basic safety training (STCW)

- Passenger ship (STCW)

- Advanced fire fighting (STCW)

- Survival craft and rescue boats (STCW)

- Full driving license

I also have experince with cold water diving in Mediterranean Sea and Baltic Sea.

For more information I could send my CV and cover letter.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on

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