Fun & hard working IDC Staff Inst. seeking employment

Hello, my name is Jody and I am currently seeking employment teaching and guiding SCUBA. My highest instructor rating is PADI IDC Staff Instructor. I also have years of experience as a Public Safety Diver and member of a water rescue team in the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains. I am still a relatively new instructor as I switched over to Public Safety Diving pretty early in my dive career.


I am a 27-year-old Male from Colorado, USA. Most would say I am a unique person. I absolutely love the outdoors and have a very wide variety of hobbies and passions. I am always moving from one adventure to the next and live a very exciting life to say the least.


A major ambition in my life is to have fun and I want to inspire others to do the same. I feel that if you're having fun in life then it's a lot easier to be happy. I am a social being and I naturally like to help people. Customer service is something that comes very easy to me!


While I do love to have fun, I also take safety and risk management very seriously. Those are both areas I like to take part in as well as gain more experience in professionally.


I am searching for a job in the Caribbean, Bahamas or Hawaii but I am truly open to working anywhere in the world as long as it's the right dive shop/operation. Liveaboards have also been of interest to me. Although I do not have experience working on yachts or large vessels, I am eager to learn.


The business I am looking to work for would take pride in their reputation and in having a good team of well-rounded instructors. Ideally the team would be fun, friendly and caring people. I am Interested in working somewhere that offers a variety of SCUBA courses. I am also fine helping out with other marine based activities as well as shop days when needed.


I am interested in pretty much all areas of the sport and eager to keep expanding my skills and knowledge. Very interested in gaining more specialty instructor ratings, tech diving and instructor development. Also interested in dive equipment repair, marine mechanics, boat handling, dive medicine, and marine conservation.


Thank you for reading! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in seeing my resume.


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