OWSI with 5 Specialities ENGLISH FRENCH DUTCH for long term contract

Dear fellow divers,

My name is Jerome, 43 years old PADI OWSI from Belgium.

Currently in Bali, I'm looking for my next instructor position.

I'm fluent in French, English and Flemish.

After many years working in the IT sector in Belgium, I decided to mix travels and work as a dive instructor.

My goal now is to find a long term position to further increase my experience.

I am serious about Padi Standards, safety and customer satisfaction. I like to go the extra mile to make sure the students and the fun divers are getting what they want and expect.

My strenghts are my patience and pedagogy.

I’m known to be polite and a good team player.

I started as Divemaster in South Sinai, Egypt where i guided for more than a year.

Then kept diving as a hobby for many years.

I became an instructor in 2014, in Thailand. Since then, i have combined travelling, home renovations in Belgium, and instructor positions, mostly in Indonesia.

I have experience in regulator maintenance and have a Scubapro certification to service the MK2.

Fully equiped and insured with DAN Silver Pro

Environmentaly pro active.

I recently obtained 3 more instructor specialities to boost my chances to find a good position in the dive industry.

I'm available for any questions you might have,

I also dived in the Phillipines, Malaysia, France and Spain

The eCCR Poseidon VI/Se7en course was just for fun and I can’t afford one anyway image

That’s me pretty much,

I can be reached by mail and skype.

Have a great day and don’t skip the buddy check image

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