Englishl, Spanish, French instructor couple







Hey!     We are an instructor couple looking for job opportunity who can teach in Spanish, French, English and Catalan.




Franck is 23 years old and comes from France, he also speaks fluent Spanish and English. He is MSDT with 13 specialties:



- EFR Instructor


- gas blender instructor


- sidemount diver instructor


- enriched air diver max 40% O2 instructor


- deep diver instructor


- wreck diver instructor


- naturalist instructor


- drift diver instructor


- specialist equipement cressi student


- vidéographer/ phtographer instructor


- coral reef restauration instructor


- PPB instructor


- search and recovery instructor



I am a 24 years old Spanish girl, I can teach in Spanish, English and Catalan. I also have intermediate French level. I'm PADI OWSI and EFR Instructor with two specialties, Wreck Instructor and Nitrox Instructor.


Beyond my diving formation I also have a degree in Business Management done in Barcelona, and 4 years experience in administration, accounting and marketing.



We would be able to start as soon as you need. You can contact as via email at
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Franck & Cristina


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