OWSI couple searching for job in europe for summer 2019

Hello everybody ! 

Me and my girlfriend are searching for a job as instructors in europe for the summer season 2019. We are available from 20th of april.

I have around 450 dives and 50 certifications, i have worked in thailand, malta and curently in zanzibar. I am french and i speak english an french. I also have a french boat licence.

My girlfriend has around 1400 dives and 130 certifications, she had worked in malta and curently in zanzibar. She is serbian and she speakes english, serbian, italian and can do courses in german. 

We both have dive equipement and driving licence.

We invite you to send us an e-mail at

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if you are interested in having us in your team. 


Best regards

Yoann goas

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