Rotational 4th Engineer - Private 100m+ M/Y (Ref - Sm16409)

Rotational 4th Engineer opportunity for a 100m+ private Motor Yacht

Start Date: mid January
Location: Europe
Package: Salary paid in euros per month. 182 days leave = 2/2 rotation, 3 x return flights

Experience and Attributes Required:

* 2 years' experience in similar position on board 100m+ yachts, passenger/cruise ships
* Able to lead engineering projects including specs, quote reviews and contractor follow-up
* Working in a traceable manner, keeping daily records and equipment history
* Experienced with all passenger ship machineries - in Engine Room and Hotel
* Experience with Planned Maintenance Systems such as AMOS
* Experienced Watch Keeper on large passenger ships
* Experienced with HV Propulsion Plant Operation
* Proficient with computers and mobile devices
* Good communication skills and positive attitude
* Yard and new build experience preferable

Qualifications Required (all mandatory):

* III/1 EOOW Unlimited
* Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat other than Fast Rescue Boat Certificate
* Advanced Fire Fighting
* Crisis and Crowd Management
* Fully updated STCW with PDSD or PSA
* Seafarer’s Medical Certificate (Min 6 months’ validity)
* Seaman’s Discharge Book
* Vaccination card with Yellow Fever and Hep B

Male only due to cabin arrangements
Non smoker/no visible tattoos

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