Captain/Chef team -28m SAIL- Private- 35591

Category : Captain
Id : 35591
Date Created : 1/7/2019 1:51:21 PM
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Region : Ft. Lauderdale

Position: Captain and Chef/Stew teamYacht: 30m Sail- ExpeditionJob ID: 35591Location: South AmericaStart date: March 1st 2019Itinerary: Ship yard in France, Carribean, East Coast, US, Nova Scotia, Greenland.Licence Required: YM OCEANRequirements: Captain: 5 years yachting, 3 years as Captain. Competant navigator, strong engineering background,keen to explore new places.Chef/Stew: accomplished chef, solid background cooking for owners and guests- mediam and high standard. Healthy Vegitarian dishes. Strong interior managment with assistance of deck stew. All rounder, help on deck if needed, passion for fitness and travel. Valid STCW95/10, Designated Security Awareness and/or PDSD, ENG1 or current fit for duty marine medical, Valid passport.Salary range: Within yachting salary guidelines depending on experience.
Package : To be finalized during interview process. medicalOther: Owner loves travel and to stay active outside, this vessel is used to explore. Important that crew love also have passion for the outdoors/nature. Cycling, hiking ect.

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