Israeli OWSI (Hebrew, English, Spanish)

"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it"

Padi pro since 2017, owsi, 1000+ dives, 300+ cert.

Worked for two years in Cozumel and looking for new destinations. Great recommendations.

Currently in koh tao. I am a native Hebrew speaker and fluent in English, also speak intermediate Spanish.

Looking for a position which can offer long/ seasonal term employment where I can use skills I have developed as a an instructor. I want to further my career as a professional diver by joining a team that I can experience growth and learning with.

I have a strong work ethic which makes me a dedicated instructor with excellent safety awareness and situational management skills. Coupled with this, my passion for teaching and diving makes it easy for me to bring in new and returning customers. I have soaked up every bit of information in the past year as an instructor which I feel really makes me a responsible diver and also a mindful teacher.

I am a strong believer in ocean awareness education. I continue to encourage responsible diving

behavior by putting focus on the changing ocean environment.

I love my job, found my goal in life, and looking for a great environment to share this love!

If you're looking for an energetic, fun and a professional addition to your team, please contact me at

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whatsapp: +52-987-800-7197  

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