PADI OWSI, Engl.,Spanish, Italian, extensive training sales


Passionate and balanced diving instructor (PADI) with a reliable professional qualification and full of positive energy. Fairly experienced with dives in different parts of the world, from the Caribbean, to Mexico and Asia. Cool-headed, humorous, caring and empathetic I have a way with learners and advanced divers as well. I love teaching, hosting and entertaining people. I know how to make guests perfectly happy, having worked in hotel hospitability.  As a successful salesman with extensive experience in different sales environments and products, I also have solid knowledge in management and marketing, having graduated university and worked in the respective domains.

All of which I am able to contribute.



Love and live diving. Willing to teach and guide divers and convert beginners to dive by clearing any anxieties and conveying unforgettable impressions. I want to discover and save the beauty of the underwater world while gaining more experience in a professional surrounding and kind team.


If above short info sparkled your interest, please do let me know and I will send you the complete diving and corporate CV's. I am available starting immediately. 

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Thank you in advance for your time, consideration. Have a wonderful day!  image


Cristian Coroiu

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