Underwater videographer/MSDT for Cayman Islands


My name is Lars Elstrodt. I am a 31 Year old MSDT form the Netherlands and currently residing in Grand Cayman.

I have multiple Years of experience working as an instructor and videographer in various places like Australia, Thailand, Bonaire and Grand Cayman. Apart from that I also am well experienced in driving various types of boats up to 48 ft.

Currently holding approximately 250 certs and well over 2000 dives.

I am a specialty instructor for: Deep, Nitrox, Digital underwater photography, underwater videography, self reliant and Shore diving (distinctive).

I am currently looking for a job as underwater videographer and photographer, but would also interested in a job as Instructor for the right dive shop.

I am able to provide own professional camera and editing equipment.

If you have a dive shop interested, I would love to get in contact. For a full CV and further information please contact me at

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post,

Lars Elstrodt (PADI 319266)

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