2nd Engineer - 55m - expedition - private 35577

Category : Asst Engineer (2/3/4)
Id : 35577
Date Created : 1/3/2019 5:59:02 AM
Job Type : Permanent
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Position: 2nd EngineerYacht: 55m Private - Expedition Yacht with Helicopter Operations.Location :Start date: January or March 1stItinerary: yacht for sale - 2019 Med summer then crossing to Florida, winter in Florida for 5 year survey, haul out etc.Licence: None required. Someone working towards Y3 or a commercial license would be a bonus. This is a Manned engine room. no lap top or diagnostic connections. Hands on maintenance. This is a ship.Requirements: valid STCW10, ENG1. B1/B2 and schengen if needed.Mechanical Trade.Welding, metals, turner (something like this). This is a ship so parts are made by engineering department. Physically fit and able to do the job.Far more important would be someone who has completed a recognized trade apprenticeship program in a mechanical engineering field, auto mechanic, diesel mechanic, etc. and an Advanced Fire Fighting certificate is a huge plus.
Responsibilities: Assisting Chief and 3rd Engineer.Engineering team is made up of 3 engineers who perform the majority of the maintenance works on the main engines, this is not a â Yellow Pagesâ?� boat!Need someone with proven hands on experience and longevity, must work in an organized manner and be able to keep up record keeping, inventories etc. Being an older boat every day is different, so I cannot have any crew member that is set in there ways or unwilling to adapt, they must have a can do attitude and be able to think outside the box.Team: No opening for a team mate.
Job Specifics: Willingness and desire to work hard.
Happy to work on a private yacht, as in - no tips but great Owners. This is a great boat.
Other: This client prefers non-smokers. Must be able to pass a back ground check.
We are looking for someone who is truly interested in a hands on, manned ER, older boat, (mechanical & challenging).
preferably has a trade back ground of some description, electrical, mechanical or machining. We have the original engines and machinery onboard and it has to be some one that wants to get their hands dirty.

Shares cabin with 3rd Engineer.
Salary range: $5800
Package: Seafarer's contract, medical, dental, flights, 30 days holiday. 1 paid return flight home after 1 year.Happy to help out with time off for courses etc. once proven as a crew member etc.Commercial Registered Yacht: No

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