Canadian MSDT and EFR Instructor, available immediatly #425091


My name is Miles and I am an OWSI from Canada, in posession of an EU passport aswell.

I have recently completed my IE and MSDT rating in Quepos, Costa Rica. I am currently still in Costa Rica working on my spanish in hopes to be able to teach in spanish some day soon. The specialties I am able to teach are; Enriched Air Diver, Equipement specialist, Fish identification, AWARE Shark Conservation and Marine Conservation. I am also an EFR Instructor. I am looking for seasonal work but am open to anything long term should it fit for what we are both looking for. I am available for skype/phone interviews as and when you could fit it into your schedule. You can reach me at

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, and I am happy to provide a C.V./Resume on request.

Thank you in advance for your time

Miles Fredericks

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