2nd Officer - STCW II/2 commercial - 50-60m Research - Rotation - 35569

Category : 2nd Officer
Id : 35569
Date Created : 12/17/2018 10:22:30 AM
Job Type : Permanent
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Position: 2nd Officer - II/2 (must be able to stand in as Chief Officer)Vessel: 50-60m Research vesselStart date : late January or early FebruaryItinerary: TBDLicence: R II/ or CM 3000 (STCW reg. commercial license needed).If your license states: Yachts Only it is not recognized on this vessel.Requirements: valid STCW/95/10, Designated Security Awareness, B1/B2 or C1/D visa, Marine Health Medical (MHC).Advanced fire fighting. Advanced Safety training. Medical care, ECDIS, GMDSS, SSO.All must be valid for minimum of 1 year including passport.Pluses would be: DPC (Dynamic Positioning), HLO (Helicopter landing officer). Responsibilities:> The Deck Officer is responsible for all aspects of the vessel's navigational planning and keeping charts and publications up to date. He is responsible for all detailed passage/voyage plans and their loading into the navigational plotters and the records of these being logged onto Groove after being approved by the Master. He is responsible for keeping the vessel's garbage log updated under supervision from the Chief Officer. He is responsible for ensuring that the vessel's compass deviation log has entries made once per four-hour watch. The Deck Officer is responsible for all navigational electronics including electronic chart plotters and the updating of said software to reflect any corrections taken from applicable notice to mariners. His duties will also include monitoring the navigation and radio equipment and undertaking bridge watches when at sea and he will be called upon to oversee the launch, recovery and operation of any and all tenders when passengers are onboard. The Deck Officer may also be the designated security, safety or medical officer.Must be hands on Deck as well. All Deck crew including Officers help with deck maintenance, preparations, etc.Other: extensive background check, psychological testing, several interview screenings.
Job Specifics: 3: 1 rotation
Salary range: Within yachting salary guidelines depending on experience
Package: Medical coverage, flights to and from the vessel, long term disability.Rotation/paid every month.Commercial Registered Yacht: YES

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