Maui Hawaii Extended Horizons Dive Shop Hiring Instructors

Maui Hawaii Extended Horizons Dive Shop Hiring Scuba Instructors 

We are seeking mature qualified candidates for hire to cover all aspects of working in our dive center. (teaching guiding and dive shop work, boat crew)   Minimum credential required - Scuba Instructor with experience or related ocean studies degree. Job duties include but not limited   to teaching beginners, guiding certified divers and teaching entry level and upper level courses. Previous experience teaching is necessary. Familiarity with biology in general, or local ecology is expected.

Must be US Citizen to work in Hawaii.

Instructors that are able to guide certified divers may also be considered for boat crew positions.

You will be asked to hold a short conversation about Hawaiian reefs and ecology during the interview to demonstrate your speaking skills.
Part time or Full time 4 - 6 days a week

 Diving instruction and guiding is an opportunity to create an experience that will make that customer's dive special and memorable and make a positive difference in how they feel about the ocean. 

We are hiring NOW.   Hone your skills and knowledge with us.  Preference given to instructors that are already living in Hawaii or Maui.
Applicant must have valid driver’s license. You will be required to have your own vehicle to do this job. Health benefits will be included with full time work after probationary period.


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Contact us with your CV and Put "Dive your best" in the subject line. Our spam fiilter will ignore any other subject lines.

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