PADI - SSI - HSE professional diver - manager - multilingual

A very good day,

My name is Diego Leonardi, I am 34 years old recreational and commercial diver.

I am a PADI and SSI instructor and also a HSE commercial diver, been working in the diving industry for over 14 years. I have started diving very young in Italy when i was 11 years old, and started the diving career at 18 years old. I have worked i various places around the world. I have also worked as a diver for private yachts, doing courses or simply guiding.

I have managed dive centres and dive boats in Europe and abroad. I have been handling to day to day operations, from operational schedules, reservations, dive staff, guest services, PR, marketing, financial, equipment and PADI orders, emails and online publicity, keeping inventory control, dive equipment and compressor maintenance.

I am guest oriented, providing quality service while maintaining always safety and professionalism. I believe in team chemistry and team building, to keep staff members happy and motivated so to provide quality service, increment productivity and happy working environment. I am hard worker, like and able to work under pressure and tackle new challanges and obstacles. I am polite, safe, professional and team player.

During my diving years i have certified over 1000 students and around 40 divemasters, i have over 8,000 dives in all kind of environment and conditions. I am a boat handler, and handle various types of dive boats from 14ft rib to 25ft ridged boats.

In the past year i have been working on board Royal Caribbean cruise line, as one of the diving supervisors and during this time I was taking part on dive destination and shore excursions talks.

I have been working as a concierge and private driver for high end clients, with high demands both for product and service. I can communicate with different type of guests with respect and politeness. Handle different of types of guest complains and act responsably.

Unfortunately in all of these years working in the diving industry I came across some diving emergencies and along with the right team and dive staff, all emergencies were handle in the best manner possible despite weather conditions and emergency. I believe in safety first and preventions, but sometimes depending on situations and individuals such prevention can be controlled, so then comes experience and knowledge on how to handle such emergency and situations.

For further information please dont hesitate to contact me I ll be very happy to have a possible skype conversation and provide further info about my experience and knowledge.

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best regards


diego leoanrdi

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