Male French,English instructor/ Female DM Dutch,English willing to do IDC

My name is Johann Modschiedler, I am a 29 years old Instructor, fluent in French and English and my girlfriend is Tamarah Van os, 26, fluent in Dutch and English. She is a Divemaster who wants to do her IDC and work as an instructor. 

We are currently working in Nusa Lembongang, Indonesia, and are looking to relocate anywhere in the world. We are multilingual with background in Marketing and social working, we are very good with social networks and sales. 

I worked in a travel agency in Australia where my main goal was to sale, hence I am very comfortable in talking someone into buying a product without being pushy. I also have a degree in Marketing from CQU in Brisbane, Australia ( and a bachelor in International business from Kingston university, England). In terms of diving, I have become an instructor back in May of this year in Nusa Lembongan and since then I have worked at this location. I do not have a lot of certifications, a few OW and AOW but I have done quite a fair bit of DSD s and also a lot of leading, in strong currents and low visibility. 

I am a hard worker, always willing to help out and get my hands dirty if needed. Long days is what I live for. 

My girlfriend is a DM who wants to become an instructor, she is Dutch, very easy going and also very hard working. 

We are looking for a dive centre that could offer me a job and the possibility for my girlfriend to do her IDC and eventually get offered a job too. 

If our profiles interest you, you can email me at

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, and I will get back to you in no time. 

Thank you very much.


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