Senior PADI and AOWI SSI female - relocation worldwide

PADI and SSI instructor renewed and in teaching status. 

28 year old female, British national available for relocation worldwide. I have a resume and references available. please email

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. I have extensive experience working with students who's first language is not English and had no issues producing well skilled divers due to the way i teach.

Please see my cover letter below and do not hesitate to contact me.


I am a highly driven instructor with an infectious passion for customer satisfaction for diving. I always strive to achieve my businesses and ethical goals alongside my own personal satisfaction and success in a team following standards. 

Since the beginning of 2018 I have moved into teaching divemaster candidates which has been a great and enjoyable learning experience for me and has opened up a bigger opportunity for my career development. With this in mind I have the experience working in difficult diving/ working conditions.

I always place myself in a position where I can grow both career-wise and personally. What makes me stand out from other instructors is that I am pro training neutral buoyancy. During my time teaching I have become more eco friendly so that students are not interacting with the bottom contour during confined or open water dives therefore my continuing education success rate is more than 70% including retail sales. This has been proven time and time again to help reduce the stress and anxiety of nervous divers. 

I have always been the go-to instructor for nervous students and have a high record of success using this method and others. Safety has been paramount to me throughout my career and developing self-reliant divers that are confident when they leave and dive across the world. Not only that but for students to take away memories from their experience. 

  You can research my student reviews on my Facebook page ‘DIVE WITH KRISTI’ I travel with full diving equipment, personal liability diving insurance, current UK police clearance and current UK driving license. I am available for skype and telephone interviews and I employer references apon request.

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