2nd Stewardess - 70+m Charter MY - Med/Car - 35430

Category : 2nd Stew / Dept Head
Id : 35430
Date Created : 10/11/2018 5:09:37 AM
Job Type : Permanent
Region :

Job ID: 35430
Position Title: 2nd Stewardess - permanent position

Yacht: 70+m charter Motor Yacht

Location Now: France

Start date: Immediately

Itinerary: Dual season: Mediterranean - Caribbean

Requirements: ENG1 - STCW95 - Security Awareness - Food Hygiene lev.2

Job Specifics:

  • We are looking for an experienced 2nd Stewardess. Fluent English, better if mother tongue.
  • The right candidate has leadership qualities and strong service experience. Good references and longevity.
  • Chief Stewardess would like to proceed with face to face interviews, to be held in France.

Salary range:


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