Opportunity for OWSI to become boat captain

We are looking for one OWSI to start by December 1 and 1-2 others by May/Jun ’19).  Looking for a real opportunity to make you more valuable?  We are looking to hire an  OWSI (or higher) who loves but also has the aptitude to be trained to run our 40’ boats.  The appropriate candidate will work as an instructor and boat crew for the first 2-4 months and then commence captain training.

We cannot hire anyone over the age of 45.  Preference will be given to Dutch and American passport holders.

We require energy with a great attitude--not afraid of hard work (we lift our own tanks and crew our own boats), eager to learn more, passionate about diving and our environment and good people skills.. 

   Sea Saba is considered the premier dive operator in the northeastern Caribbean: www.seasaba.com. We’ve been in business for 30+ years with a solid reputation for professionalism, outstanding service and dedication to the environment. The island of Saba is known for its environmental protection both topside and below—great diving; beautiful island.

   We are busy…so we hope you understand, we don’t want to waste your time or ours…so please read this entire post before replying…AND, monitor your email daily.  We hope to make a decision within 3 days


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As an instructor applying for this position, we expect you to:

1)    Be available to be on Saba and start training no later than December 1 and willing to commit to a minimum one-year contract.  If you are the right person for captain training, it will require a 6-month extension of your contract.

2)    Have already spent some time on our website so that you have an understanding of the island, our business and diving philosophy.

3)    Have resort experience: minimum 50 certs and minimum 400 dives--must be a competent diving guide and able to conduct an enjoyable, efficient open water course.

4)    Be dedicated to being a team player and committed to impeccable customer service.

5)    Be willing to give 100% daily; willing to go the extra mile when necessary; there are no ‘locals’ to do tank lifting or tank filling—our team shares the load.

6)    Have some background as boat crew (picking up moorings, line tying, etc.)

7)    Check your email daily regarding correspondence for the position; we hope to complete this process in less than a week.


We will give preference to those who possess other skills:

-boat handling background—please be specific regarding any prior experience: what length boat, inboard diesel or outboards, what type of experience (dockings?), what was your level of responsibility

-mechanical aptitude and background

-any languages: Fluent English is essential.  Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German are also extremely useful for our clientele. 

- marine biology knowledge of the Caribbean
-photography skills

-surprise us…


Preference shall be given to non-smokers; absolutely no smoking allowed during the work day. 


More about the position:
We expect anyone who responds to this ad to be a qualified and experienced dive instructor capable of leading dives and teaching courses from DSD level through Divemaster.  What you don’t know, can be taught if you are willing to learn and have a genuine interest.  We regularly promote and train from within. 

Sea Saba offers you:
· continuing education opportunities
· fair compensation allowing you to save money as well as have a good time
· nationalized health insurance at no cost to you

Work permit requirements, payment structure, payroll taxes and full information will be discussed with serious candidates.

Those interested, please tell us why you think you are the right fit to work for Sea Saba AND forward your CV via email as per these specific instructions:
email your information to

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Please be sure your message includes:
-Where passport is issued
-Where you are presently located
--When are you available
-Date of Birth
-# of dives in your career
-# of certs in your career


Your attached photo should be no more than 250 kb, please.


Please note, applications not fulfilling all criteria above will not be considered. 


Appropriate applicants should expect an acknowledgment of receiving your application within 24 hours.  More detailed information will be provided to serious candidates followed by a phone/Skype interview.


Look forward to hearing from you—thanks!
John and Lynn
Sea Saba Dive Center
+599-416-2246 phone
+599-416-2362 fax
Saba, Dutch Caribbean


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