Experienced multilingual instructors (OWSI/SSI/CD) managers couple


We are Manu and Paula, respectively French and Brazilian (Paula also has a Spanish passport).

We are both fluent in French, English, Spanish and Indonesian. Paula speaks Portuguese and Italian on top.
I am a PADI / SSI Instructor (9 specialties) and Paula PADI Course Director.
Both of us are very experienced and created from A to Z our dive centers in Indonesia (Dive Concepts Lembongan and Wifish).
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, and I created a yoga studio in Bali too last year.

These centers are self-managed and we are looking to live a new adventure in another corner of the world.
We are an energetic and smiling couple who love to create, use our experience, and share our enthusiasm with the people around us.

Our skills and experiences include:
- Boat handling and driving (no License)
- Live aboard organisation management
- Cruise director
- High standard customer service
- Resort management 

- Pro activity and quick problem solving skills
- Design and projects creation
- Building and maintenance (brick block, cement, wood, electricity, plumbing)
- Service and maintenance of compressor and diving equipment
- HR
- Team management and team building
- Marketing / graphic design (photoshop and illustrator) Website
- Video (filming & editing) -> drone and submarine
- Accounting
- Search for partners
- And of course diving instruction
Our experience lead us to dive in any kind of conditions like bad visibility, cold water, strong current, cave, night, waves, wrecks etc. 
Paula has been studying marine biology and has experience in creating and performing marine presentations about marine life behavior, habitats, taxonomy and interactions. 
Our experience trained us to be efficient right away, understand any organisation in no time, and adapt to it. We also understand that even if any structure could be improved, we have to masterize the current one before starting to propose anything new.
We are very used to manage people with different cultures and respect, honesty, and proper behavior are our Moto. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.

Looking forward to an upcoming collaboration
Kind regards
Manu and Paula

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