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Date Created : 10/9/2018 8:04:04 AM
Job Type : Permanent
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Position: SAIL - CAPTAIN/ENGINEER/MATE TEAM - ROTATIONYacht: 27m SAIL - Job ID: 35425Location :Start date : SoonItinerary: world wide Atlantic, Caribbean, Panama and Pacific.Licence Required: 500 ton or 200 ton with strong sailing background as captainRequirements: . Valid STCW95/10, ENG1 or current fit for duty marine medical, Valid passport. Strong sailing background.Extremely Important :Requirement to help owner develop as a sailor. Annual haul-out 8 weekâ?'s average. Comments and attributes:A. Competent and proven sailors. Fun loving. Warm and friendly. Like all peopleB. Easy and frequent communicators. Routine engagement with the owner, inclusive and aligned.C. Neat, orderly, well groomed. Friendly, and respectful. Generous in helping others.D. World travelers and interested in doing more.E. Schedule oriented. Able to create and maintain annual and expedition specific schedules with detail to facilitate all aspects of the program with the owner.F. Able to schedule work inaway that allows the detail planning of downtime, maintenance, transit, rest and crew time off around the globe while having global travel ambitions. Systems oriented.G. Willingness to invest time to continue to learn professionally. Include learning about the marine environment and biot as possible.H. Enjoy the outdoors, sailing, boating, fishing, diving, windsurfing, etc etc. like to participate, like to learn and like to teach. I. Reasonable mechanical and electrical systems capability to handle routine on board maintenance, operating checks, and repairs. Keep operational while at sea. J. M anage a generous budget to see that she is in top shape while always looking for opportunities to reduce cost and or improve efficiency.Additional atttibutes:PADI certification and be competent diversLike to eat and catch fishSalt water Fly fishing a plusWindsurf or kite-surfPhotography, underwater photography, GoPro GeekDrone pilot, cyclistWeb site managementYoga skillsResponsibilities: Managing a team of 3-4, running a fun and safe program. Very busy schedule: Lots of miles.Other: Sail roughly 15,000 miles per year. Extended program over the next several years to include the far reaches of the Atlantic, Caribbean, Panama and Pacific. High/low latitude sailing is of interest. Owner will intend to be on the vessel for some transits and roughly 120 ish days per year (1/3 of the time). Must be kept in top shape at all times. Systems fully operational and maintained, crew trained and practiced for all aspects of yacht handling and safety. Expedition yacht, exploring areas less traveled, engaging with people and promoting marine science and awareness. The yacht will routinely plan to engage with scientist and environmentalist to access important topics like ocean acidification, coral health, green carbon, and marine plastics. The crew must want to travel, and step out to interact wherever we are. They should be interested in exploration and education in marine science and ecosystems. In this capacity itâ?'s important that the owner and crew have an easy going relationship, common interest, and comfort with one another. Supportive of one another and adaptable . When the owner is on board it should be a relaxed and easy environment, not one of excessive service or isolation. Itâ?'s critically important that the mission be promoted and the yacht be seen as safe, inviting world class vessel at all times and in all that we do. If we enter a race we win, if we sail to the Arctic we engage with the best scientist, hike the most remote trails and have lunch with the Inuit. If weâ re in Bocos del Tora we dive with scientist, find a manatee and go explore the jungle. Must be a fun vessel and must excell.Rotational assignment with existing skipper and mateSalary range: Within yachting salary guidelines depending on experience. TBD:Top tier pay, reviewed routinely adjusted annually.Work time away balance owner expects time away to be scheduled and always taken.Generous travel provisions in support of leaveAnnual training pay provisions, annual provisions to train to develop other skills.Retention package after one-year and multiple yearsBonus up to 2x monthly salaryGood Medical, and insuranceComputers, phones, etcBest gear, generous clothing provisions.Package : To be finalized during interview process. Rotation will be 1 month on 1 month off.
Commercial Registered Yacht: No. Private under 500 gt but holds a statement of compliance.

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