IDC STAFF Instructor and/or Management Couple


We’re a Chilean and Dutch/South African couple - IDC STAFF Instructors (PADI and SSI).
Super friendly, knowledgeable and passionate divers.
Our contract working a Safety Crew & underwater assignment for Survivor Reality TV series in Caramoan, Philippines ended recently, so we're currently freelance diving. This makes us available for an immediate relocation and for a long term position in either a management or instructor role.
We have been diving all over the world. Strong currents, Cold/warm waters, poor visibility, extremely isolated and/or busy environments, etc....all good when you are in love with the ocean and having the chance to explore new latitudes together and meet new people!

Quick Info:

- Teaching level language: English & Spanish with liveaboard/boating/yachting background.

- 10 years professional dive experience

- Teaching specialities: EANx, Sidemount, Deep, Self-Reliant, Equipment Specialist, Drift, Night, 02 provider, Photography, Videography.

- 11.000+ dives with more than +800 certifications under our belts all together with a vast experience teaching DMs and IDCs.

- Own Equipment, insurance and drivers licenses.

- Own Underwater Video Camera and Video and Photo editing equipment. With experience.

- Managerial and hospitality experience. Fluent in Microsoft Office and other systems to run a resort/dive operation. 

- Familiar in other various water sports like surfing, SUP, sailing and freediving.

Other attributes:
- Experienced equipment technician with most brands. (cressi/mares/aqualung/apeks/scubapro)
- Can repair most dive equipment, whether it be patching BCDs, fixing fins/masks or repairing  
- Basic knowledge of tank and compressor servicing 
- Certified swimming instructor
- Basic mechanical servicing
- Experienced and work well with children
- Well groomed, no excessive tattoos or piercings
- Always ready for a laugh and share a good joke or two!

For more info, please click on the following link to view our recent photos, CVs and references.

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We looking forward to hearing from you.

Cass and Ricardo




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