Experienced Multilingual OWSI and Dive Manager - FR/ENG/IT/ESP

My name is Romain. I am a passionate diver since several years. Currently I live between Spain and France. I am searching for a diving job for this season 2018/2019 (short terms or long trêrms contract).


I did discover scuba diving for my first time in Thailand and since few years ago, I decided to make it my professional career. I have a great experience in diving and customer care in many languages (spanish, english, italian and french).


I have knowledges on compressor use and maintenance, management skills and water sports experiences.


In the university, I was trained to do mechanics and engineering maintenance. For this reason, it is easier for me to understand and work in compressors maintenance, and check/repair all the diving equipment.


Moreover, I worked with children and teenagers for 12 years in differents positions, such as director and coordinator of projects and team. I managed a team of 15 to 20 people,  dealing with conflicts, organisation, planning of activities...etc.  Concerning the other water sports, I practice stand up paddle (SUP), kitesurf, catamaran and sailing boat. 


I’m : 


- Level 3 FFESSM (French Federation)

- CMAS 3*

- Own equipement

- Insurance DAN

I have more than 1000 dives and more than 15 instructor specialties. As it is common in several diving centers, I guided dives, worked in a front desk and as seller in the shop. I’m not a professional seller but I am motivated to learn the skills to be able to guide people or customers on their material's choice.


In the last 4 years, I have travelled and I have been working around Asia, South America and European countries. This allowed me to improve my communications skills by meeting a big variety of people.


If you would like to know more about me and my experience (in french, english, italian or spanish), send me an email. 


Bests regards


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