Experienced multilingual instructors couple looking for liveaboard jobs

You are looking for two highly professional instructors to join your liveaboard team? Look no further, we are the ones :

Her :

  • A fresh French-speaking Specialty instructor who has been teaching scuba diving in a large range of different environments already: from the Swiss and French lakes to the Indian Ocean.
  • Passionate about teaching and about.marine conservation.
  • Speaks fluent French, English and Italian (teaching level) and basic Spanish (for fun dives)

Him :

  • A young French-speaking MSDT who has been teaching scuba diving for 10 years already and in many different places from Belgium to Egypt.
  • Passionate about underwater photography and about closed-circuit rebreather diving.
  • Speaks fluent French (teaching level) and basic English (for fun dives)



Truly passionate about scuba diving, customer's satisfaction and safety oriented, we would like to join a highly professional, safe and fun work environment on a liveaboard for the length that you would have to offer.

Please contact us through email to

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for more information, CVs or planning a Skype interview. 




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