Multilingual experienced Instructor/Base leader



 I am currently looking for relocating my work experience after working as a base leader in Maldives

I am actually in charge of the base, managing a team of 9  members from OWSI to boat captain, taking care of the daily operation, administrative tasks, planning, consolidating the relationship of the base with the surrounded hotels and guesthouses.

Currently I would like to change destination and apply for an other Base leader position.

My 20 years experience in the industry working in different structures developed a high sense of poly-valence and team spirit as well as adaptation to culture difference and working role.During more than a year i built and survey a coral nursery and teach a wide range of students about the Ocean Quest Coral Propagation course I am skilled with dive gear, compressors,engine outboards maintenance and boats.  I am also a qualified commercial diver Class IIA (done several contracts in Southern Africa) and hold a skipper license done in South Africa as a wave launcher I logged over 3000 miles at sea, while skippering big game fishing charters or dive operations. 

As a base leader, I do believe that I have acquired the skills to understand equipment and maintenance needs for your water sport outlets, cruising outlets and dive operating equipment, as well as people skills.

Don'thesitate to contact me if you need further information.    

I hope to hear from you soon.


Florian Martinelli Email;

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