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Date Created : 8/8/2018 11:17:41 PM
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Region : Antibes

Position: Mate - Job #35267Yacht: 36m Motor yacht - PrivateLocation : UKStart date : AprilItinerary: Worldwide - off the beaten trackRequirements: YM with OOW modules preferred . Valid STCW95 and ENG1. B1/B2 and Schengen visa if needed. Must have STRONG Tender Driving Skills and Deck Maintenance Skills.You will be sole deck/mate.A great opportunity for a Bosun from a 50/60m looking to take the next natural step up.Ideally the person will have a few years experience, be able to work well by themselves (you run your own department on board - no micro management), be cheerful/fun, sporty and able to entertain themselves. We don't go to the usual yacht spots so someone that can entertain themselves. Longevity in previous jobs important.Job Details: Runs with 5 crew.Owners are very low key; they enjoy worldwide travel and will have 1 or 2 other couples on board at times. They are in bed by 10pm most every night. Are not big drinkers. You will get breaks during the day for a rest as well. We are very active with biking, hiking, sightseeing and exploring. This is a great program for someone who wants to see the world and travel. Owners are very kind. This is not a party boat so someone more into fitness and just having fun.Boat will travel a lot and has NO home base.
Needs to be independent and a self starter, happy to work by themselves but also to chip in on deck now and then.
Must be sociable as owners interact a lot with the crew.
Owners come on board for 2-3 weeks at a time then leave for between 6-8 weeks so plenty of down time in between passages etc.Usually only 2-4 people on board but very very occasionally it could be 6-8.Longevity is key!
Fluent English speakers is a must.Really interesting programme. One of the best crew quarters I have seen for a boat this size.Team: NOPackage : paid in USD 5k DOE Bonus scheme in place at end of working year.2.5 days per month paid holiday with paid annual flight up to 1500â?¬ but will be more time to get odd days off in between trips when possible.You get your own private cabin and own toilet and wash basin with a shared shower.

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