Chief Stew - US flagged - 45-50m - Motor - private with corporate charters

Category : Chief Steward/ess
Id : 35249
Date Created : 8/1/2018 9:04:05 AM
Job Type : Permanent
Region : US

Position:  Chief Steward/ess- Must be American or have US Green cardYacht: 45-50m Motor Yacht- Private with corporate chartersLocation: US Eastern Seaboard summer Mid Atlantic areaStart date: ImmediateItinerary:  US Eastern Seaboard summer Mid Atlantic area and winter Miami/BahamasRequirements:valid STCW and current medical certificate.  Must be an American citizen or green card holder.
Minimum of 2+ years experience as a chief steward/ess on yachts.
Good references.Team: Not at this time
Job Specifics:  3 permanent stewardesses on board  Chief, 2nd and 3rd.
Salary range:  Very good. USD with taxes taken out.   Health insurance and 30 day paid vacation.
Additional details: Own cabins are provided. Nice benefits. Use of pool and gym. Hands on job. Corporate day charters during the summer months in the Mid Atlantic area. Evenings are typically free. Winters in Miami with trips to the Bahamas.
**Very nice job for crew wanting to be based around S. Florida. Even though they head to mid Atlantic for the summer they offer a rt flight per month to go home if based in S. Florida or near by.

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