Manager - MSDT - Multilingual

A very good day,

My name is Diego Leonardi, a 34 years old PADI MSDT, looking for a new diving adventure involving managing and supervising a dive centre.

I have been working in the diving industry for over 13 years, both recreational and commercial. I have taught over than 1000 diving courses and have over 8000 dives. I have worked many years as a diving instructor, and managed dive centres and dive boats in europe and asia.

I speak 3 languages, i am a hard worker, team player, professional, guest serviced orientated. I have worked with high end clients both in diving and in the concierge world.

I am a boat handler, equipment specialist (dive equipment and compressor). I have worked behind the dive centre scene, dealing with emails, marketing, padi and equipment orders, staff, finincial, dealing with day to day operations.

For further details please dont hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and attention,


Diego Leonardi

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