Rotational Head Chef - Private 100m+ M/Y (Ref - 14750)

Rotational Head Chef opportunity for busy 100m+ Private M/Y

Start Date: mid July 2018
Location: TBA
Package: Salary paid in Euros per month; 182 days leave (3/3 rotation), 3 return flights to Homeport per year.

Experience and Attributes Required:

* Minimum of 2 years’ experience on board 80m+ yachts/cruise/river ships as Head Chef
* Exceptional culinary skills, with a vast international repertoire, skillset and technique
* Excellent attention to detail, hygiene and food safety
* Must be able to work well under pressure and remain calm at all times
* Accomplished crew organisation and management skills
* Excellent personal presentation and hygiene
* Enthusiastic and dynamic with the ability to lead by example
* Proficient with computers and mobile devices
* Ability to adapt quickly to change arising from the unpredictable nature of the vessel's program
* Excellent English both written and verbal

Qualifications Required:

* Certified Culinary Trained Chef Degree or Ship's Cook Certificate (mandatory)
* STCW (all updated)
* Designated Security Duties Certificate (mandatory)
* Seafarer’s Medical Certificate (Min 6 months validity)
* Seaman’s Discharge Book (mandatory)
* Crisis and Crowd Management (mandatory)
* Food Safety & Hygiene Level 3 (mandatory)
* Vaccination card with Yellow Fever and Hep B vaccines (mandatory)

Male candidates only due to cabin arrangements
Non smoker/no visible tattoos

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