MSDT and TDI tech diver

To Hiring Manager; I am a 42 year old Canadian, Padi EFR Instructor, Padi MSDT Instructor. (deep, wreck, search and recovery, nitrox and night) and Advanced Marine Fire Fighter. I have a 3 month diploma from BCIT Marine Technology School for working on boats. I hold a Canadian (STCW). My IDC was done threw Asia Divers. Philippines, under a highly recognized Padi Gold Course Director. I am capable of filling tanks, a little experience servicing equipment and a mechanical background. I have taught in cold water in dry suit. I am a TDI Decompression Diver. I have worked on and around boats most of my life. I worked on a 30 meter 5* schooner live aboard dive boat in Indonesia,(komodo Islands) so I have that experience already working around customers that are looking for 5 star diving. I also worked for club med (6 months) and a 5* CDC inside a 5* resort, Mexico. I would bring experience and knowledge to your company. I have always found myself on remote islands working mostly with the local people. So I find myself always learning new cultures and trying my best to learn the local language. I speak English and conversational Spanish. I love the water and I love to teach diving. The ocean is my office. I am an AWARE Instructor. I make sure that on top of teaching to a higher level of Padi Standards, that I also make new and old divers AWARE of marine conservation. This includes picking up garbage while diving. And because of this, without asking I have had Open Water students come up to me underwater and hand me trash because they have seen me doing it. I have had many supervisors and students tell me that I was a great Instructor. Exhibits great patients in his teaching, very thorough, very safety conscious, much enthusiasm and just made it plain fun. And for this I have had them as returning customers. I am a very outgoing and overall fun person but as soon as I find myself in the teaching atmosphere, I become very serious and focused on only teaching. I am a non-smoker and non-drinker, very reliable. No tattoos or piercings. Please consider me for the position. If you did not receive any portion of the CV, picture or anything you need, please don't hesitate to inform me. In Mexico, I lead bull shark tours, natural no baiting. Such beautiful animals. Love sharks and will do anything to help them survive into the future. Hobbies include swimming, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, wake boarding, kayaking(canoeing), hiking, camping, sailing, free diving, travelling, languages and learning new cultures. I also do volunteer work. Whistler events and WAG (walking dogs). I volunteer my spring, summer and fall working for the BEAR SMART SOCIETY. 

Thanks Ryan

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