dutch DM and instructor for elba island italy

Hello everyone, Bluelba Diving, a small operational base located on beautiful Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy is looking  for 1 dutch  Instructor and 1 dive master for summer season 2018. Candidates must be speaking: dutch,english. Any other language is a bonus. We offer: fix salary, commissions, accommodations. Starting end june or beig july till september. Dates can be flexible.  Ideal candidates  will be enthusiastic and patient, not afraid of hard work, teaching oriented and equipped with good communication skills and motivation.  Couples instructor-dive master or Instructor-instructor are welcome. Please send you cv and picture to:

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to get detailed infos and arrangements. Please do not apply if you don't speak the required languages.

More infos you can get at: 

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 and www.rosselbalepalme.it

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