Dutch/English OWSI looking for job (preferably around Mediterranean Sea)

Very motivated Open Water Scuba Instructor is looking for a job (longterm or shortterm).


The silence, the countless amount of variation in aquatic life and all the new discoveries fascinate me in the underwater world. This pushed me every time to take the next step on the ladder and follow another course in scuba diving. And still, my passion for diving is growing and growing. After I recently went pro and finished my dive master and instructor development course in Bali, I see it as a challenge to make other people enthusiastic for the underwater world, which is unknown to so many people.

Let me introduce myself. I am Roy Hendriks, 27 years old, Dutch, traveler, adventurer and the motivated Open Water Scuba Instructor you are looking for. Right now, I am looking for a starting point to start my "new life" and I am open to work anywhere, short-term or long-term.

In the Netherlands I attended university to become a primary school teacher and got a lot of experience in teaching during my internships. I disagreed with the Dutch educational system, so I decided that I wanted to do something else. Your benefit? I am familiar with teaching individually, but also to big groups and children. Not every student is the same and learns in a different way or with different tools. It is a challenge for me to reach my goal with every student.

What can you expect from me? A really enthusiastic, motivated, fast learning colleague with a lot of patience and respect for the underwater world. I know I'm a beginning instructor, but due to my previous experience in teaching, and my ability to speak Dutch, I think I could be a valuable asset in your team. I will admit there is much I do not know about but I am very interested in finding out and if given a chance would prove that I am a capable team player with many valuable skills.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the diving. I do.


Roy Hendriks

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Phone: (+31)651830954

Whatsapp: (+31)636316269

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