Motorman/Storekeeper - Private 110m+ M/Y

Motorman/Storekeeper position available on board Private 110m+ M/Y

Start: 3 July 2018
Itinerary: Middle East
Package: 3,200 Euros with 122 days leave (4;2) with 2 flights

Desired Attributes and Experience:
  • Experience keeping HOD fully updated of spare parts and consumables status.
  • Experience controlling and ordering spare parts and consumables for Engine and Deck Departments after HOD order.
  • Experience following up on receipt/delivery of spare parts.
  • Experience controlling and preparing “Landing Goods Advice” also known landing manifests in accordance with the HOD order.
  • Must be familiar control, registering and updating data on AMOS “Stock Control” program, or similar programme, on a regular basis.
  • Experience completing a full inventory once every 12-month, with corresponding update of AMOS, or similar programme - different areas are scheduled on monthly basis.
  • Experience using bar code equipment for bar code registration and update.
  • Experience controlling and keeping stores well organized and spare parts correctly and safely stored.
  • Experience controlling and keeping stores and adjacent compartments clean and tidy.
  • Must be familiar working within a multi-cultural environment and be able to co-operate with Officers and Crew on board.
  • Experience entering and updating information on spare parts transactions and purchasing routine in an Amos Planned Maintenance System or equivalent system
Qualifications required:

* STCW (fully updated) withPSA/PDSD
* Seafarer's Medical Certificate (with 6 months' validity)
* Seaman's Discharge Book
* Crisis and Crowd Management Certificate (mandatory)
* Engine Room Watch Rating (III/4) Certificate (mandatory)
* Vaccination card with Yellow Fever and Hep B vaccines (preferred)

Male only due to cabin arrangements
Non smoker/no visible tattoos

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