Passionate English Male OWSI looking for exciting new role

My name is James, 30 years old from Oxford, England. I am a PADI OWSI. Currently Employed in the UK. I am looking for a new challenge and exciting opportunity to continue my passion for diving and to develop. 

am an enthusiastic and highly motivated professional who learnt to dive in Thailand and Australia. I find satisfaction in helping and supporting divers who wants to become better divers by being there for them and give advice whenever wanted and needed and to give that first time great experience for new divers. I get my best kicks out of somebody who starts off not so confident but leaves with the same passion as me for diving. this comes with sharing my experience and passion for the underwater world and support conservation work like project AWARE.

I am very positive and extremely passionate about diving. I'm social, professional paired with a positive can-do attitude, I’m a confident and self-motivated individual who takes pride not only in my own achievements, but those of my team. I am known for achieving a very high satisfaction rating from customers and colleagues. Integrity, loyalty and honesty sit at the heart of my core values. 

Previous dive experience in: Thailand, Australia, Cook Islands and Caribbean 

I teach following 7 specialities:

Enriched Air

Mixed certifications: Approx 100

Closing in on 1000 dives along with countless lagoon dives. Experienced Liveaboards, Shop work, Basic maintenance, boat driving, group snorkel, Resort work and much more. 

I am looking to work in a place where I can gain more experience and develop on a professional level, as well as on a personal level, to become an outstanding instructor and guide. Progression and education is something i'm also very keen on and always happy to get involved in conservation, photography and anything related to the cause.

Would love a sponsorship to escape the uk permanently... we can all dream.

Safety is paramount

Please don't hesitate to contact me on:

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James Brown

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