Experience ... four languages ... teamwork ... cheerful attitude and above all ...

... yes ... above all ... high-touch manners ...because the way of interacting, engaging and connecting with guests (and even colleagues and management) may appear to be a secondary aspect, but it is not at all.

I am a people person, I always bring out positive enthusiasm in people. For me it’s also about establishing excellent relationships with guests, and providing memorable experiences. I have a number of testimonials vouching for my professionalism and caring approach, by both employers and guests.

I am not a rookie getting his feet wet for the first time, neither for age nor for experience. I have been working as a PADI instructor since 2005.  I speak fluently Italian, English, German, and Spanish (written and spoken). There's always so much to learn in life and nobody's perfect, I first,
but I know my job, both as an instructor and/or as a leader. Or at least that's my experience.

If what I just told you, is what you would want to find in a collaborator, I am available, on the right terms that can make us both happy.

If you want to learn more about me, you are most welcome - WhatsApp and Skype +393441227815 - email:
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Sunny Regards
Massimk Scalzo (Max)

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