PADI & BEES1/DEJEPS Diving Director/Directeur de Plongée for liveaboard in French Polynesia

Our company 

Master Liveaboards, Siren Fleet, and blue o two are an alliance of brands that began operating independently as early as 2004 and who became part of a merged entity in 2017. The group now operate 15 diving yachts across their brands in destinations as diverse as the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Truk Lagoon, Indonesia and Palau. The quality of our employees is key to our success - we are one team, being the best we can be. 


The Diving Director is responsible for the organisation of the daily diving programme, making the diving holiday of our guests outstanding, memorable and safe. The Diving Director is responsible for delivering his/her diving, administrative and customer service duties in accordance within the standards of the company and all relevant professional bodies. The Diving Director manages the dive crew. He or she reports to the Destination Manager and works very closely with the Cruise Director and the Captain. 

Job Responsibilities 


  • Delivers to our guests an extraordinary and memorable diving experience in terms of quality, safety and fun while following company standards, guidelines and procedures 

  • Liaises with the Cruise Director and the Captain to create a dive programme for the day and the cruise, which ensure customer requirements (number of dives, variety or dive sites and dive quality) are met. 

  • Assesses diver’s certification levels and capabilities and creates the appropriate dive groups. Manages all operational and dive safety requirements for the groups, ensures the dive crew maintains the dive logs appropriately. 

  • Handles any emergency situation - diving, medical or other - following company procedures and local law 

  • Ensures that all dives are conducted within the depth limits and other guidelines, as required by the company and external bodies such as PADI and local authorities 

  • Shares diving related responsibilities fairly and equally with all guides onboard, including private guiding, courses and onboard duties.  

Guest Experience 

  • Conducts appropriate briefings as directed, including General Boat Briefing, Dive Safety Briefing, Dive Site Briefing, Night Dive Briefing, Wreck Briefing, Cabin Briefing, Dinner Briefing, Disembarkation Briefing 

  • Manages all rental equipment, identifying faults, loss or damage and ensuring the Cruise Director is invoicing the guests for use, replacement or repair if appropriate. Briefs customers on proper use and care for all equipment 

  • Liaises with the Captain, Chef and Host regarding diving and meal times 


  • Manages the dive crew together with Destination Manager. This includes participation in the recruitment process, performance reviews and participating in disciplinary processes 

  • Assists the Cruise Director in completing the necessary paperwork for each trip, covering courses, Onboard Sales, group photos, trip report etc. 

  • Handles, together with the Cruise Director and the Captain, any issues with guests or crew 

  • Share other duties onboard with the boat crew as directed 

Key Performance Indicators 

  1. Customer satisfaction as expressed in their willingness to recommend us to a friend 

  2. Number of returning customers generated 

  3. Onboard sales generated 

  4. Legal and procedural documentation available related to any diving and non-diving incidents 

  5. Dive crew rating in the surveys is Very Good or above 

  6. Performance reviews for employees are completed twice a year 

Skills, Competencies and Experience 


  • Minimum PADI OWSI (or equivalent) and Nitrox instructor and BEES1 plongée / DEJEPS plongée or local equivalent 

  • At least 500 logged dives 

  • Experience working in a multicultural environment 

  • Proven focus on safety - onboard and in-water 

  • Focus on customer service  

  • Excellent communications, working language is English 

  • Crisis management and problem solving skills 

  • Leadership 

  • 6 months or longer experience working on a liveaboard vessel 

  • Basic accounting and computer skills (MS Office) 

  • Valid diving and liability insurance 

  • Valid travel and medical insurance 

  • Own equipment, including dive computer, torch, cutting devices and SMBs 



  • Additional languages: German, Russian, Chinese, French 

  • Experience in diving equipment maintenance 

  • Experience in sales 

  • Experience working in remote locations 

  • Additional teaching specialties 

  • Additional diving skills such as underwater photography or technical diving 

  • Non-smoker 

Working Hours  

Working hours follow the provisions of the MLC 2006, yet may be irregular. 

Interested Candidates may send their cv to: 

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Only candidates with PADI OWSI and BEES1 plongée / DEJEPS plongée will be considered 

Closing date for applications: 31st May 2018

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