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Master Liveaboards, Siren Fleet, and blue o two are an alliance of brands that began operating independently as early as 2004 and who became part of a merged entity in 2017. The group now operate 15 diving yachts across their brands in destinations as diverse as the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Truk Lagoon, Indonesia and Palau. The quality of our employees is key to our success - we are one team, being the best we can be. 



The environmental officer is responsible for identifying, planning and implementing environmental related activities. He/she researches and analyses environmental matters and reports on the feasibility of environmental projects. He/she liaises with local authorities in the destinations we operate to raise awareness with the local communities and to set up environmental projects. He/she liaises with the Destination Management Department for the implementation of projects and write up reports on performance of projects in our destinations and in our offices. The Environmental Officer reports to the Sales & Dry Dock Support Executive.     Job responsibilities     Stays continuously abreast of environmental projects, development  and initiatives;  Ensures compliance by all aspects of the business to relevant environment legislations and offers advice on ensuring compliance;  In addition to minimum legal compliance, conducts research and assessments to improve best environment practices in all aspects of our business;  Actively promote prevention of environment pollution and dealing with pollution incidents;  Establishes and maintain relationships with local authorities and communities and NGOs with the aim of developing collaboration on environment initiatives;  Directs and oversees the planning, development and implementation of projects in the destinations we operate and in our offices;  Makes recommendations on sustainable environment policies to implement on our vessels while measuring impacts on operational budgets;  Conducts assessments and performance management reviews of environment policies and projects;  Liaises with our Marketing department to increase visibility on our environment initiatives, including all external communication (dive magazines, trade shows, etc.);  Works in close collaboration with Destination Management to promote environment-friendly procurement while managing costs effectively;  Is an active and engaged promoter of environment issues and fosters environment-friendly attitude across all aspects of the business.    Key Performance Indicators  One environment-friendly project approved by the Board of Directors and implemented across the entire fleet per year;  Within 3 months of starting in the role, provide a clear plan with implementation phases and milestones for going single-use plastic free by 2019;  Create a fleet environmental performance assessment system for all vessels;  Implement and report regularly on fleet environmental performance;   Set-up 2 community based environment projects across 2 destinations per year.     Skills, competencies and experience  Required  Driven by environmental issues and strives to improve environment;  Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies or equivalent experience;  3 to 5 years experience as Environment Officer ;  Experience in analysing and reporting;  Proven track record of project management experience and successful implementation of projects;  Self-motivated and able to work independently;  Exceptional communication skills to be able to advocate environment issues;     Preferred  Scuba diver or experience in the recreational diving industry;  3 years experience working with environmental NGOs or government agencies; 
   Working Hours  Monday to Saturday - 9:00 to 17:00 or as required by the operation of the vessel  Emergency Situations – On-call in line with crisis management guidelines  Travel: some travel to our destinations may be required    Interested candidates can send their cv to:
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  Closing date for applications:  31st May 2018

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