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Position: CAPTAIN 500 ton +Yacht: around 50mJob ID: 35045Location: USStart date: ASAPItinerary: Annual Schedule: Summer 2018: During the months of July, August, and September, will be in the Mediterranean/Adriatic.

Winter: During the winter season, the home base will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Licence Required: 500 ton +Requirements: valid STCW95/10, Designated Security Awareness and/or PDSD, ENG1 or current fit for duty marine medical, B1/B2 visa, Schengen if needed. Valid passport.Responsibilities: The Mission is to ensure that the vessel is maintained at the highest standards of performance, safety, appearance, and overall professionalism. Must operate as a floating â fivestar hotelâ?�. The owner is involved in many business operations around the world. He does not wish to be overly involved in the day-to-day operations and decision-making of the vessel. His objective is to enjoy the vessel, and to use it to relax and entertain his friends, family, and business associates from around the world. Accordingly, the successful Candidate/Captain must have a pleasant and outgoing personality, a strong hospitality mentality, and must instill a culture of excellence and service within the entire crew.

Ideal Background/Experience: The ideal candidate must have a minimum of seven (7) years to ten (10) years of experience on a similar, or larger high-end yacht.Experience in the Mediterranean/Adriatic, Florida, New England, Bahamas, and the Caribbean is ideal.

1. Visible leadership skills with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Must ensure that the crew reflects the value system, style, and operational excellence of the M/Y .

3. Must have a high energy level, enthusiasm, and flexibility.

4. Must have superior boat handling skills, with a calm and confident demeanor.

5. Must work well with Crew Members, in all aspects. Must foster a pleasant and enjoyable working atmosphere.

6. Must have a stable employment record, with measurable accomplishments and strong references.

7. Must be conversant in English, with excellent verbal and writing skills. Fluency in Italian, and Spanish, or other languages will be helpful, but not essential.Other: Total of 10 crew with some very good longevity up to 9 years.
Job Specifics: Frequency of Use: exclusively used by owner, his family, and close circle of friends. There is absolutely no chartering on the boat.

There may be periods as long as four (4) to eight (8) weeks where the owners are not onboard. It is during these time frames, that the Captain is expected to schedule crew vacations, and yardwork. It is critical that the Captain recognize that crew vacations and maintenance schedules revolve around the schedule of the owners. Owner provides a rolling three (3) month schedule. As such, there is always ample time for scheduling.
Salary range: Within yachting salary guidelines depending on experience. Compensation: Base Salary: commensurate with level of experience.
Package : o Bonus. o Four (4) Weeks Paid Leave. o Health Insurance
Commercial Registered Yacht: Private

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