Experienced dual hospitality management and dive instructor team available

We see an environmentally aware dive centre actively educating its customers in the passion of diving and the importance of the underwater world. Promoting responsibilities and awareness both with tourists and locals. A dive centre offering high standards of education, with excellent customer service provided by a team of a multi cultural staff smiling and enjoying their work. A dive centre aware of the importance of social media and online platforms to a successful operation in a competitive market. Does this sound like your shop? Would you like it to be? 

One 30+ Brit and a 30+ German are looking for a new project. We're both really keen to have a positive impact both above and below the waves. Currently residing in Thailand but very happy to relocate. We've 10 years experience in the diving industry and 22 years in bars, restaurants, assistant management & general manager hotel positions and international HR management between us. We are ready for an exciting new challenge.

If you would like to get to know us better, please shoot us an email to:

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Always Happy Bubbles!

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