Hard working. newly qualified OWSI

My name is Jack Biddle. I'm a newly qualified OWSI (#407959) looking for my first instructor job. I have previously worked a summer season at a dive center in the Balearic Islands, Spain. During that time, I gained skills such as compressor use, guiding dives, and assisting DSD's.

I am highly motivated to complete any tasks to the best of my ability, and constantly trying to improve myself, by learning new skills at any opportunities.

Since qualifying as a PADI instructor, I have obtained Emergency Oxygen Provider, and Nitrox instructor specialities.

I am available for work anywhere, as of mid may, although would prefer europe due to work permits.

I am an EU Citizen, with a clean international driving license, full equipment for any water temperature, and dan dive insurance.

My first language is English, and I can have basic conversations, including giving dive briefings, in Spanish.

Full CV and photo available upon request. can communicate via;


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Whatsapp: +447818605504

I look forward to your contact, and am thankful for your time reading this post.

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