Experienced MANAGER available

I am a German Citizen and keen to return to the Dive/Watersports/Hospitality industry as a Manager after a few years working on other projects.


I have been working in different countries, in 5 star resorts and remote locations. I have demonstrated repeated success in increasing revenue and profit in small businesses and business units worldwide and aside from diving have specific skills and experience in sales & sales management, operations management, product management, marketing, finance and training/development. 


I am multilingual, have a cheerful and conscientious approach to any tasks I undertake, and enjoy communicating with all types of people. I have used information technology extensively in my various posts.


Passionate about the marine environment, I am a PADI MI, EFRI and Specialty Instructor in 26 different fields.


I am looking to give long term commitment to help increase turnovers in your business. 

Relocation is no problem because that's what I am looking for.


Please feel free to contact me to talk further – all opportunities considered.




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