OWSI highly reliable USA Passport available now!

English speaking New York City based fully insured and renewed OWSI with the following specialties: EAN, Drift, & Wreck. Flexible to your needs and I would apply for other specialties to fill your needs.


Solid speaker, thinker & I maintain excellent interpersonal relationships. You will also find me to be enthusiastic, patient, reliable, organized and thorough in my approach. I am detail oriented and quickly analyze & correct the weaknesses in a student’s approach. On the other hand I am quick to see a student’s strengths and share this with the students as well.


I want to teach and lead dives, and I fully realize lifting tanks and cleaning up is part of the fun. I will utilize my considerable Fortune 500 background in business, and best practices TQM skills where ever they fit into your business. I maintain a customer first attitude. I have some German and Spanish language skills.


At this point in my life I want nothing more than to teach scuba as much as I can. I am a by the book PADI instructor. Teaching scuba in NYC means you have to meet and exceed the highest expectations; NYC as we know, is the most competitive market in the world.



No tattoos

No criminal record


Own equipment

500 recreational dives North Atlantic wrecks, California, Caribbean, Mexico, & SE Asia.

PADI Open Water Diver 1991

PADI Divemaster 1995

PADI Instructor 2014

Additional PADI Specialties: EAN, Drift, Wreck, Peak Buoyancy, EFR, Project Aware, Aware Coral Reef Conservation, Care for Children w. AED

Industry reference available

Online reviews available: Check 

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  then search my first name Thorner and Thorton.

Experience operating large ships 250 tons, sail boats and smaller motor boats

Driver's license, can operate manual transmission, and large vans

Credit score 820

Attended Columbia University graduate school Public Health

USA passport

Healthy, smart, great smile and excellent presentation, responsible, dependable and passionate about diving

I run 30-40 km per week and I make an excellent presentation

I love diving and it shows


Best Regards,



PADI OWSI #92107


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