Eng/Ita OWSI with 2 specialties looking for work anywhere in the world

Hello everybody,

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my name is Francesco De Rossi.
I am 27 years old from Italy.
I have been travelling around Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia for the last five years.
I did my first experience scuba diving in the great barrier reef in Australia, and when I surfaced I decided to become an instructor one day. So, during the years I collected all the certification diving in Thailand, Australia, Malesya.
I became scuba dive instructor in Indonesia in 2015.

There I worked two season as dive master and one season as instructor in quite a remote location.

I am also qualified to teach Deep, Enriched Air and EFR.
I can teach in English and Italian.
Of course I have got my own full set of scuba equipment.

I have a strong background in hospitality, I worked in restaurant, hostel, B&B as a cook, a barista, or a waiter for over 10 years all around the globe.
While travelling I learn the fine art of adaptability, I have done dozens of different jobs (varying from fruit picking, gardening, managing a kitchen, painter, handyman etc) always trying to get the best out of them.
I am also quite good in motivating people, making them think from a different perspective and enjoy more their day at work.

I am currently in Creete, Greece, but I am happy to move anywhere in the world image

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