Deckhand/Divemaster/2nd Engineer

Young and keen mid 20s to 30 max, can be relatively new to yachts. Could be a Divemaster or Instructor, but someone that has genuine experience leading dives, as he will be diving with the owners after initial period. In the deckhand position no licence or experience is required, just a good attitude to learn really, as a divemaster I would expect relevant small boat experience anyway, Powerboat level 2 a bonus. As far as engineering goes, AEC would be good but can be obtained later on, some kind of trade/hobby mechanics background highly regarded, will be working under an excellent Chief Engineer.

It is a dual role, on charter as a deckhand/ dive instructor, off charter as assistant engineer mostly. Probably ends up about 60/40 split. Doesn’t have to be English as first language but certainly must fit in with mostly first language english speaking crew. Nonsmoking, fit and healthy, friendly, good salary. Charters booked and tips shared equally, owner tips as well.

50m Dual season charter boat, young watersports orientated crew, great owners, shipyard in Florida from end March to beginning June, then crossing for busy med season.

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