Start October 2018!!!Staff instructor and Freedive instructor, French

Hi, I am Thomas Toselli, IDCS and freedive instructor #357490

I am instructor since 2015 and I am working since in Thailand for the same 5 stars IDC center.

I also have been working in Indonesia while traveling a bit

I have certified about 250 DSD, 150 OW, 70 AOW, 7 Rescue, 8 DM, assisted on IDC as a staff instructor and certified few freediver as well

I can also teach the specialty deep, nitrox, wreck, sidemount, night

I can speak French and English fluently and can have some conversations in Spanish

I will be working in Greece for the summer from June to September and after that I am looking for a new challenge and adventure.

I am ready to work at any place, but I would have a little preference if I could keep my progressions toward being a course director later, so preferably looking for a place where I could be staffing on IDC

I will be available begining of October 2018, so if you need someone to work for you, I am here

Don't hesitate to contact if you like to know more about me

Thank you, Thomas

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