OWSI couple for long term (Spa, Eng, Fre)

Hello divers!


We're a multilingual Instructor couple looking for a long term position in the American continent. Kristine is from the United States and Adán from México, we both teach in Spanish, English and French.


We are hands on, fun, profesional and passionate instructors focussed not only on safety, teamwork, and personalized customer service, but rising the quality of our dive school to a first-class level and making it more environmentally friendly; not partiers looking for a vacation but hard working people that are always looking for improvement.


We're Nitrox, Emergency Oxygen, and EFR Instructors in teaching status. We also have some additional skills that like photography, sells and administration experience.


You can email us if you have any questions and we will send you our curriculums. Cheers!


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